A legend like Detroit’s Alton Miller needs no introduction, but what with him constantly working, DJing and remixing, sometimes a quick recap helps sharpen the focus on someone who has, in some ways, “done it all”: club founder, label head, producer, DJ, singer, world traveler. And amazingly, in between all of this, including a string of stellar recent releases for highly respected labels such as Rick Miranda’s Noble Square, Alton has somehow found the time to post an EP of unreleased gems on his own Bandcamp page, aptly titled Summer Sessions.

Recorded in various countries over various years, Miller presents a wonderful set of tracks and compositions here. “In & Out (Vindico Del Quade Remix)” starts out the venture with Miller’s trademark deep, bouncing style adding in his signature vocals floating effortlessly overtop of the track’s inward and searching groove. Next up is “Inner 8 Exchange Bureau (Chant Mix)” which almost seems to time warp through a number of feels and textures, acting like a private soundtrack to Miller’s many journeys through club land. Last up, and certainly not least, is my personal fave “Blues, What Am I missing”, a wonderfully deep, rhodes-laden song which again features Miller’s vocals front and center, imploring us to always remember to look around and enjoy what we’ve currently got.

One of the things I love about Bandcamp is being able to almost “peer” into one of my favorite artist’s mind and quickly share what they might be thinking about at a particular moment in time. Summer Sessions does exactly that. Enjoy the ride, as we all follow Alton around the globe and back, accompanied by his dreaming synths and his sweet, soaring vocals.

Alton Miller: Summer Sessions EP (May 2021 / Digital)
1. Alton Miller: In & Out (Vindico Del Quade Remix) (06:50)
2. Alton Miller: Inner 8 Exchange Bureau (Chant Mix) (06:07)
3. Alton Miller: Blues, What Am I missing (05:30)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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