More Amour Nightshift album art

A pair of fresh dance floor tunes from More Amour (Artwork and musician Jon Solo) on the first release for their new label Hi Quality Records Inc. “Nightshift” is gleaming, high-speed 21st century disco, complete with syn-drum fills, synth soloing and dreamy string pads, astride a simple 4/4 rhythm and it all works really well. But its undoubted classiness is eclipsed by the B track “Don’t Look Down’ which reduces both the tempo and the disco flair, substituting them for a series of expertly played ’80s-referencing musical parts.

Whether you like this is very much dependent on whether you enjoy high quality revivalist reinterpretations of little slices of dance music’s past. If you do, then this melange of cosmic disco synth noodling, half-happy/half-sad ’80s chords, a rigid rhythm section that totally slaps and an absolute killer Italo-style Moog b-line might work for you; it does for me. It’s all about the bass line here really. I don’t care it it’s a plug in or the real thing, its supa-punchy rhythmic rumble totally drives the tune which is then joyfully drenched in piano chords, pads and aforementioned jazzy synth solos. Sounds messy but that’s very much a failure of my writing rather than a reflection on the quality of the tune: this is a low-key potential instrumental anthem.

More Amour: Nightshift / Don’t Look Down (Hi Quality Records Inc / 12″ Vinyl + Digital / November / December 2022)
A1. More Amour: “Nightshift” (7:48)
B1. More Amour: “Don’t Look Down!” (7:24)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


Originally published in 5 Mag issue 203 featuring Beyond Heaven: reconstructing Chicago house music history through Mario “Liv It Up” Luna’s flyer collection, plus Milton Jackson, Damian Rausch, the DJ King of Donetsk & more. Help support 5 Mag by becoming a member for just $1 per issue.

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