I’m not going to stop until everyone is a Black Sjuan fan or at least has the opportunity. I think he’s one of the most talented producers in Chicago, and his records wind up in the bags of some of the top DJs because he has a congenital inability to drop a bad track. Black Sjuan’s tracks move. They make people move. And the business we are in, first and foremost, is a people-moving business.

On The Underdog Railroad you get the fullest treatment yet: eight tracks arranged like a mixtape, beginning with a short intro (“Change Iz Eminent”) followed by a 9 minute mental and physical journey with the aspirational but wholly accurate title “Trying 2 Trip With Angels.” You know that moment when it’s revving up and you want to see, just for fun, if you can push the vibe even higher? This is a record you break off at that point.

Other highlights include the road-tested “No Love In Bubble City” and the down’n’dirty organ jam on “Braille Bump 5.” “Jam” is the keyword here: Black Sjuan has a lot of fun making this shit and I think you’ll find you’ll have almost as much playing and listening to it.

Let’s be real here: the mainstream took away the word “house” and let David Guetta run with it. They took “techno” and turned it into empty-headed trance, and every asshole with a copy of Teachers wants to tell you about their deep “Chicago influence.” We fight back by promoting the real thing. This is as real as it gets.

Black Sjuan: The Underdog Railroad LP (Assylum Effort / Digital)
1. Black Sjuan: Change Iz Eminent (Intro) (01:07)
2. Black Sjuan: Trying 2 Trip With Angels (09:17)
3. Black Sjuan: No Love In Bubble City (05:20)
4. Black Sjuan: Heart Machine (06:55)
5. Black Sjuan: Red Love (07:31)
6. Black Sjuan: Braille Bump 5 (06:10)
7. Black Sjuan: Blunt Life (06:33)
8. Black Sjuan: Heart Machine (Resurrection Mix) (05:21)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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