Imagine spending a week digging through Craig Alexander‘s unreleased archives. The Chicago DJ and producer must have a million unreleased tracks he’s played once and dropped. Housepit Chi’s Bai-ee got his hands on four of them for a new EP of previously unreleased material.

“Rolla Disco” is the title track, it leads off and it is a sure-footed first step into the Craig Alexander Extended Universe. Disco and the music that came from it — that’s the best introduction to Craig Alexander’s sound, with pumping brass, punchy bass and a seasoning of Afro-Latin percussion dropped in. There was a point in time where you could call tracks like “Trapped” something like “deep & soulful” and everyone knew what you meant — beautiful keys, shiny percussion and a musicality that is a very rare commodity in electronic music, then and now. If you like some of Kai Alcé and Ron Trent’s more extended jams, tracks like this will move you.

These four tracks were selected specifically to “showcase the diverse energy that comes from an education in Chicago House Music” and it’s a masterclass from one of the best teachers.

Craig Alexander: Rolla’ Disco (Housepit Chi Records / August 2021 / Digital)
1. Craig Alexander: Rolla’ Disco (05:58)
2. Craig Alexander: Trapped (07:13)
3. Craig Alexander: Message to the Woman (06:08)
4. Craig Alexander: Jolly Time (05:54)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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