Rick Wade, Sleepy & Boo Remix Brooklyn NY

Deep Woods' affectionate tribute to his home city gets loved up on 3Bridge Records.

An affectionate tribute to his city, “Brooklyn, NY” is the latest release from local lad Deep Woods, released on his own 3Bridge label. Built around smooth chords and tight, lively drum patterns, the original version builds an airy, highly danceable groove, overdubbed with snippets from old-time public information films singing BK’s praises. Detroit’s Rick Wade takes the helm for the first remix, taking the track into far deeper territory. His highly textured, warm arrangement summons up visions of standing by the water’s edge, gazing across the river at the Manhattan skyline, listening to trains passing on the bridge above. Finally, local producers Sleepy & Boo provide a terse, late-night reworking, driving the tune into afterparty territory with hypnotic stabs and (fittingly enough) looping the words “Brooklyn Never Sleeps.” Overall this is beautifully balanced, well-thought out release; all three versions doing their job perfectly to provide contrasting moods, evoking three very different, equally recognisable facets of this diverse and swiftly-changing New York borough.