This is being billed as “some of Kon’s first original House productions”. That might be technically true, and you might be able to go into a court of law and plead that with your belly up to the bench, but Kon’s edits have always merited high praise (at least from me) for their creativity. The line between original & “edit” is also blurred on All About Youx, his new EP on Soul Clap’s vinyl label.

Overall, the sound is rather downtempo, with a florid palette of tones. That was to be expected. The soulful nature was not. “Runaway” alone is a revelation: a fat bassline, blissful keys and a big vocal that fills up a room in a way that most modern Deep House does not. I’m not sure of the source for the vocal, but it follows the basic verse-chorus-verse structure of a pop song more closely than most tracks made for the dancefloor, too. “Love Youx Forever” picks at the pieces of Patrice Rushen’s hit “Forget Me Nots” – again, there’s a blurry line here as this is every bit as creative as his edits, and every bit as spectacular.