After 18 albums in 23 years DMX Krew latches on to Peggy Gou’s Gudu Records and rather than the baby powder you might want to pull out the cardboard, CZW Wrestling-style. “CJ Vibe” is the lead from his new EP, Don’t You Want To Play, and showcases a dreamy IDM reverie rooted in beat science. There are some seriously nasty hooks on this record, and the vibes of “CJ Vibe” are probably the nastiest of all. “DXIOO” is a concussion of 909 hits and crystalline synth melodies warped into view, ripped right from the kitchen where Mad Mike Banks and Orlando Voorn cooked up the original recipe.

DMX lures you in deeper into his deviant hypno-fantasies on the title track, with a dangerously groovy bassline groove smothered by electro glitter glue. This is a massive record and the best yet in Gudu’s short two-cut existence.

DMX Krew: Don’t You Want To Play / Gudu Records / October 2019 / Digital/Vinyl 12″
1. DMX Krew: CJ Vibe (07:27)
2. DMX Krew: DXIOO (05:16)
3. DMX Krew: Don’t You Wanna Play? (05:41)
4. DMX Krew: 110 Series (04:18)



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