Frankie Vega knows where all the bodies are buried in this city. This is a guy who has made music, played music, sold it, distributed it, paid for it, paid for people to make it and play it and dance to it. There ain’t too much he hasn’t done in this industry in a couple decades, and you might expect his records to reach a high level of quality because of it. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Grid Based Beats presents Vintage Gateway, a new single with three remixes. The original is deep techno, claustrophobic and absolutely crankin’ with synths that weigh as heavy as lead. Seducer’s “Gatekeeper Remix” burns with an industrial glow, looped like a live PA run through a homemade but dangerously powerful soundsystem. Special note of Zachary Lubin’s remix – a jazz number, which is a word you wouldn’t have thought applicable based upon the unrelenting nature of the source material. This record absolutely delivers. Vinyl when?

Frankie Vega: Vintage Gateway (Grid Based Beats)
1. Frankie Vega: Vintage Gateway (Original Mix) (09:16)
2. Frankie Vega: Vintage Gateway (Seducer’s Gatekeeper Remix) (06:26
3. Frankie Vega: Vintage Gateway (Zachary Lubin Remix) (06:49)
4. Frankie Vega: Vintage Gateway (Tim Vitek Remix) (06:28)



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