Sweet mother of mercy does Dan Curtin make some ferocious shit. There are very few people these days who I can call on when a certain mood strikes – who can hit just the right note at just the right time for the right mood as it’s happening. Dan Curtin delivers, consistently, as he has for most of the last two decades.

Galaxies Merging marks another chapter in that story. In pre-history Dan was at work bridging cities – a kind of ambassador to Detroit and Chicago and New York because he was from none of them. Now he’s linking continents.

The title track is gorgeous, a techno jackhammer pounding down to the bedrock. Do you believe you can push things too far? I was prepared for this to end after about 3 minutes but Dan keeps going one step further, and it ends in absolute delirium. Just scrape your crowd off the ceiling, they’re done.

With “Mind Sweep,” I don’t know what tools Dan is using but it brings me back – this is like Eddie Fowlkes remixing “French Kiss” with special guest Blake Baxter. “To Modify,” which sounds like the name of the folder it was lost in, is a crazy mixed up bit of cubist absurdity, bleeding all over the place and confusing its head from a hole in the ground.

Galaxies Merging is being released on EPM, the label arm of the multi-faceted techno empire. Vinyl drops next week.