Garrett David: The Time (Courtesy of Balance)

Garrett David's The Time is his best new track since The Queen Tracks and one of the best records released all year.

The title track of Garrett David’s new EP The Time is his best record since The Queen Tracks and one of the best I’ve heard all year. “The Time” proves that it’s possible to be in tune with records from MK, from Larry Heard, from Chez Damier himself without slavishly aping or just wholesale ripping off their sound. The groove is so addictive you’ll find it fucking with your heart beat, lunar cycle and – why not? – even your metabolism, with a lilting scat-like sample floating overhead and swaying from side to side, just like the crazy people in the audience. “The Time” is given the whole of the A Side and this was a wise decision, because it’s so damn good it would bully every other track around it.

The B-side is split between the “Sea Shell,” which is a nice suggestion of what “Forever Monna” might sound like if Speedy J sat in on the sessions, and a dark and more electronic Night Sea Journey remix of “The Time.”


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