James Solace Drops Atmospheric “Spectral” on LNOE

Some solace for the grooveless from Sasha's Last Night On Earth...

Sasha’s Last Night On Earth has been delivering some underrated dance floor oddities, records that sound less like big room heaters than the underground 12″ b-sides that come out of left field. “Spectral” is one track but it applies to all of James Solace’s Ghost Town EP. Solace (great name, by the way — your management or your parents have a flair for it) drenches his tracks in big sweeping effects and all kinds of little quirks. Solace sounds like he makes deep and tech house remixes of ambient records with an attention on minute cracks and scratches, textures and pregnant pauses.

“Spectral” opens like a music box. Very slowly Solace introduces a carnival-like sound and by 3:51 everything else drops out and I love that. “Thoughts” also drags its listener out from the tech house station into the back of the yards with a shuffle that becomes a coarse scuff and brings back the main groove after toying around with it for awhile.

James Solace: Spectral (from Ghost Town EP) / Last Night on Earth (March 6 2020/Digital)
1. James Solace: Universal
2. James Solace: Ghost Town
3. James Solace: Spectral
4. James Solace: Thoughts



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