Two of Chicago’s finest are collaborating together on a new album from Sasha’s rejuvenated Last Night On Earth label.

PolyRhythmic is the title of the forthcoming LP from Chicago’s Kate Simko and Tevo Howard – and I bet you didn’t think their first release would lead with a tripped out take on the bongo rock Apache break. The junkyard drums and twitchy pulse bear Tevo’s hallmark, and the big, brilliantly vibrant chords are one of Kate’s, but the “third voice” when joined together makes it something all new. (The actual voice, it should be noted, is Amunet Shah.)

“Bring It” is out April 20th on Last Night On Earth; the full track streams above and on SoundCloud.

(* Note: It’s probably not really the Apache break. I just say that whenever I hear bongo samples.)



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