jerome baker

“The Boss” is a good nickname for Jerome Baker, it’s appropriate, it should stick. The El Hefe EP from UKR finds one of Chicago’s own beating it hard with aggressive, mind-melting techno, a series of tracks so explosive it feels like they might rip the nails out of the wall through sonic force alone. “Checkmate” is all flash and low-slung swagger; “Catacombs” flashes a kind of demonic gleam through the haze of high pitched whines and cold hydraulic jack. There is so much techno and deep house being made now that cops the sound but not the soul; it snags the right loops but misses entirely the attitude. This is a sharp squirt of Visine to clean up your mind.


Jerome Baker: El Hefe / UKR
1. Jerome Baker: Sinister (7:33)
2. Jerome Baker: Freak On (7:37)
3. Jerome Baker: Checkmate (7:33)
4. Jerome Baker: Catacombs (6:54)



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