Lay-Far makes his Lumberjacks In Hell debut by lobbing a bomb into the room and running away. Same As It Never Was is a 4 track EP of invigorating breakbeats, flowing in a gradient from deep and jazzy vibes to something vaguely ravey. There is, I understand, a proliferation of throwback breakbeat tracks stumbling up and down the charts these days, but none of them like this, and that’s where the title is the key. Lay Far’s take is spirited music referencing certain sounds which have rarely if ever been put together in this particular shape and form. I like the A-side best — “Good Thing!” brings to mind the musicality of the London broken beat scene but with a cheeky whimsey to it. “Up We Go!” is that Brand New Heavies’ remix that Todd Edwards never made. Good shit all around here.

Lay-Far: Same As It Never Was (Lumberjacks In Hell / October 2020 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Lay-Far: “Good Thing!”
A2. Lay-Far: “Up We Go!”
B1. Lay-Far: “Heavy”
B2. Lay-Far: “My Reflection”



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