The Electronic Brain EP is Liquid Earth’s “nose dive into Junkyard Synthesis,” a term that must have been passed via organic telepathy from their mind to mine because that’s exactly it, it sums up perfect a certain wild inventiveness crossed with a homespun intimacy etched in these four tracks on a new label for their self-released tracks.

Who else is making tracks like “Vector Boy And The Horse With Three Legs”? I know they’re out there, and I imagine they’re in lab coats or straight jackets or crashed in a shake-out shack in Slab City, waking up to find their neighbors have stolen their recycling and painted polka dots on their 303. It’s demented, utterly, and it’s not clear what esoteric magic holds it together. You can pull apart the structure of each of these tracks if you want but they’re booby-trapped and will blow up in your face if you try.

“The Electronic Brain” borrows the aesthetic of rave’s mid-’90s megaclub acts — it’s impossible to hear that driving bassline and ecstatic FX without seeing freaks with a scattering of normies awash in white strobes and black lights.

The B-side is devoted to the most straight-forward tracks on an EP so left-field it’s still getting baked in the parking lot. “Bubblepop” is likely the most sophisticated electronic music track ever crafted in honor of a 1980s arcade game, while “Stingray Shuffle” is punchdrunk on acid and surly snares.

Liquid Earth: The Electronic Brain EP (Liquid Earth Physical / 12″ Vinyl / October 2022)
A1. Liquid Earth: “The Electronic Brain” (6:50)
A2. Liquid Earth: “Vector Boy & The Horse With Three Legs” (6:31)
B1. Liquid Earth: “Bubble Pop” (5:54)
B2. Liquid Earth: “Stingray Shuffle” (6:47)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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