You know how artists go through a personal creative supernova and emerge on the other side of a transcendent experience proclaiming they have become genreless, the destroyer of conformity?

justindemus is an artist who actually does make music that tears apart the neat little boxes we drop tracks into like pool balls and rack up for more tranquil digestion. The Chicago producer blows it all apart into chalk and shrapnel on Rapture, a new EP for Julia Govor’s Jujuka. On “A Wrecking Fire” he shouts like a shaman possessed, Keith Flint with a Chicago accent, a distorted amp and no fucks to give. “The Clapper” marries juke and electro, ebm and a magical spell that slows time to a crawl while the world speeds up around you. “Blinding Light” is an unnerving bass swerve that gets under your skin but can’t get out of your mind.

An amazing record that sounds like it was wrenched out of a man. Rapture is out now and available from Bandcamp.

justindemus: Rapture EP (Jujuka / Digital)
1. justindemus: A Wrecking Fire 03:05
2. justindemus: The Clapper 03:42
3. justindemus: Blinding Light 05:15

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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