There is no denying the therapeutic capabilities embedded in good music. When I’m in the middle of a DJ set and I’m in the zone, it’s like I’m in my own little world and the negative energy is being filtered out of me and into positive vibes. About the time this record was released I had arguably one of the grumpiest weeks of the year. I was in a really sour mood about nothing in particular and I finally just bailed on the fam on Saturday night, drove 30 minutes to my buddy’s sushi bar gig, drank 3 pints and spun some damn tunes.

It was much needed and how I didn’t have the Need EP to go along with it is beyond me. “I need to go away all by myself” looped to a driving deep tribal jam from Marasco could be no better soundtrack. If you’re feeling more like a social butterfly, there is a dub for you, but it’s still pretty dark. “What” has the same core primal pace to it but with a much softer tone. Brendan Collins makes it a little housier with some extra percussion, hi hats, and even deeper key stabs.

Marasco’s native to Hawaii and he’s been around for some time now. He’s had releases on Siesta as well as Halo’s Surface Recordings. Even though DJ’ing takes more of a backseat to production these days, when you can still get out and play DEMF and the BPM Festival I’d say that’s good exposure for a side project, wouldn’t you?