The latest from Nordic Trax is a leaf-on-leaf affair. Steven Gevenich is a Canadian producer with an un-googleable production alias and has found a home on Luke McKeehan’s Nordic Trax for his next electronic release, the admirably eccentric Haven’t Lost Hope EP. This was the first record I’ve heard from Gevenich that I know of (things under his real name include jump blues and roots records), and if he sticks it out through the dull moments and soul-sucking nihilism of the digital music industry circa 2019 he’s one that we’re gonna have to keep an eye on.

As “Honeydripper,” Gevenich leaves a production signature behind on everything he makes but these tracks differ wildly in sound, from the neo-beatbox disco of “Haven’t Lost Hope” (with its drizzle of Diana Ross-inspired woos looming overhead) to the delicate IDM of “Not Red.” The production skill is exquisite: I’m not sure if he’s giving Ableton workshops on the side but he should. Drums and cymbals hit hard, hit true and cut through a generally warm and deep sound.

Honeydripper: Haven’t Lost Hope EP / Nordic Trax
1. Honeydripper: Haven’t Lost Hope
2. Honeydripper: Not Red
3. Honeydripper: I Thought You Were Melting
4. Honeydripper: Monte Don’t Play



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