Nordic Trax releases and has always released music from around the world but remains stubbornly Canadian in essence. Fellow Canadian Jon Delerious returns to Luke McKeehan’s label for Can’t Hold Back, the Calgary native’s five track EP which apparently marks seven EPs in total for Nordic Trax.

The title track snags a line from a well-known soul standard for a glitzy, big-room production that’s practically in hostile opposition to the other 3 originals. “Prism” mines under the walls with a slinky diamond-tipped acid bassline. “Vibes N Dub” is a lo-fi downtempo jazz explosion that would make a solid core for a whole album or EP of similar sounds. Also, pretty dope artwork on this.

Jon Delerious: “Vibes N Dub”/”Prism” (From Can’t Hold Back EP) (Nordic Trax / February 2021 / Digital)
1. Jon Delerious: Can’t Hold Back (Main Mix) (05:51)
2. Jon Delerious: Can’t Hold Back (Delerious Dub) (05:52)
3. Jon Delerious: Prism (05:17)
4. Jon Delerious: Keep It Hot (06:03)
5. Jon Delerious: Vibes N Dub (04:37)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by the label.



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