Max Telaer’s Sorrow EP

A surprisingly upbeat collection given the absolute fucking bummer of the title. Max Telaer is a “relative newcomer on the scene hailing from Brussels” and crashes the party with a four track EP of Deep House beats. “Heartbreak” brings to mind vintage Stacey Pullen – a sweet, slick little track with bright and bold chords. “Piano Cries” appears to be a riff on a ’70s soft rock hit that I can’t place – it’s on the tip of my tongue, but more importantly here is the quirky inventiveness because there’s not a chance you would ever imagine the original would inspire a danceable piece of House Music circa 2017. “Sad, Always” (Jesus, man) has a more chill vibe and is, I think, the most solid track on here from start to finish. “Blue Mood” mercifully ends Telaer’s day of sorrows featuring Indigo Mango (a Belgian “neo-soul/funk” band) backed by a kaleidoscope of dazzling synths and sharp, shuffling beats.

Take the names and the titles (especially the titles) off and you would guess this is a record by a guy with 20 years in the game. If what’s here is the real deal, Max Telaer likely has 20 fruitful years ahead of him.