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A thousand miles north of Miami and the duo Murk is the New York City soundsystem Merk, distinguished by the stylized moniker “Merk | La Familia.” Made up of the Zimbabwean brothers Tee and Bic Will, Merk craft simple but brutally effective tracks, with a real gift for honing bouncy chords that rattle around in your system long after the record stops.

“This Time Last Year” is the title track of an EP that dropped hours before the new year with the sober request to reflect on what you were doing a year ago and what has changed since then. This is a real gem, evoking the sophisticated swing & sway of Larry Heard. “Two Kinds” and some of the instrumentals on the EP also score high points.

Merk: This Time Last Year (December 2020 / Digital)
1. Merk: This Time Last Year (04:24)
2. Merk: Two Kinds (04:19)
3. Merk: How Does It Feel (Club Mix) (03:09)
4. Merk: Forever Ago (Instrumental) (02:37)
5. Merk: Easier Said Than Done (Instrumental) (02:48)
6. Merk: How Does It Feel (Instrumental) (03:07)
7. Merk: Two Kinds (Instrumental) (04:17)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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