One of the fundamental issues with modern dancefloor-oriented techno is that, in catering to the needs of DJs, what gets lost is the idea of finding one’s own sound and creating something that allows for mixability, while simultaneously sounding like nothing else. Too often, we get the same beats, the same synth stabs rearranged in a different way than that other guy (or those 40 other guys), but basically a lot of samey sounding stuff. It’s easy enough to mix with other tracks that just moved that synth note over a beat, but ultimately forgettable when next week’s releases drop.

Germany’s Mike Dehnert has carved out a sound for himself that is not only instantly recognizable, but also melds the weird with a groove fat enough to grab anyone listening and start the bootyshaking forthwith. He is doing entirely his own thing, and this latest release on his label Fachwerk is no exception.

“Detroit Switch Back To City” starts out proper with a murky bassline bounce and warm metallic stabs crawling up out from the deep. “LAX” keeps the bass pumping while venturing into staccatto snare tracky business guaranteed to light up the horns. With “Orage de Chaleur”, Dehnert dives right back to the bottom of the bass frequencies, wobbling his way into some distant ketamine-fuelled cousin of Basic Channel. It’s stupidly funky in the wonkiest way possible. The closer, “Sans Cesse”, straightens out the beat and adds sizzling hats, stabs and more of his signature incomprehensible vocal snippets, while upping the bang factor to 11.

Dehnert’s releases have become “buy on sight” for me as a general rule, and this EP offers a nice variety across its four tracks aimed especially for those on the decks: from Techno folks who enjoy a dive into submerged bass funk, to House DJs who are adventurous enough to take things a little sideways.


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For nearly two decades, Indianapolis-based DJ Shiva has brought a multitude of techno flavors to dancefloors far and wide. From the deepest to the darkest techno, she is a purveyor of variety in both music and technique. Her technical skills on the decks are highly respected, but her truest talent lies in her knack for contrast and composition. No stranger to production, her releases on labels like Dystopian Rhythm, 611 Records, Different Is Different, Translucent, Gynoid Audio, and Chroma are known for their drive and grit; each of them slices of machine funk with a layer of dirt thrown on top. For the last two years, she has hosted her internet show SUBterror Radio, where she can be found crate-digging for quality tunes and airing guest mixes from techno talent the world over. You can reach her on Facebook, SoundCloud and @djshiva on Twitter.


  1. Pretty much anyone who still has a frontal brain lobe is buying anything Dehnert does out of principle of it being Dehnert. Hell, my cats bought copies of this EP. Both of them. Yes, I came home to my black tuxedo cat Tali creating a Beatport account and checking out with this EP in the cart. She used my credit card, so we had words.

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