If you’re gonna have someone remix a classic like “No UFOs,” it better be someone like, say, Kenny Dixon Jr. Moodymann shines and is one of very few artists that could make people even give a few minutes to listen to a new interpretation of the Model 500 classic “No UFO’s,” reissued in November by Juan Atkins’ Metroplex. “Altered States” is possibly the only record in the electronic music universe to have this kind of impact on an artist’s career at his or her debut: like Ron Trent‘s classic, “No UFO’s” set a template for Atkins’ career, with all of the blessings and baggage that comes with that.

This reissue includes the vocal and instrumental versions, a grooving remix by Luciano and Moodymann’s scintillating Metroplex debut. Powered by the rubbery bassline of the original, Moodymann creates a kind of melodic proto-house opus: stare too long or listen too many times on a loop and you can get lost in the cascade of wobbly synths, fragmented vocals and pieces of percussion like shards of broken glass.

Note: the reissue features a double sided 12″ an an additional 1 sided 12″.

Model 500: No UFO’s (Metroplex)
A1. Model 500: “No UFO’s” (vocal) (4:13)
A2. Model 500: “No UFO’s” (instrumental) (7:05)
B1. Model 500: “No UFO’s” (vocal – Moodymann remix) (8:04)
C1. Model 500: “No UFO’s” (vocal – Luciano remix) (14:35)


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