The Transitional Man, Myles Sergé unveils an eclectic three track, 28 minute EP for Dan Curtin’s highly buyonsightworthy label, Metamorphic Recordings. Genre namechecks are a source of frustration for people these days, and I’m among them, so take this with a grain of salt: there are still a few House DJs brave enough to play “Tolo” and Techno DJs that can switch on to “Agus” and I think their numbers are growing. The latter has been a source of continuous joy since I first heard this two weeks ago – I’m not sure the word “cute” has ever been used in relation to a Techno review but I’m going with it. It reminds me of classic, minimal House tracks in the vein of DJ Boris or Boo Williams, and a post-op teardown of the elements that make this mini-masterpiece thrive isn’t going to do it.


The title track is a ferocious storm of handclaps and a vocal loop that gets inside your head with an alternating two note string drag. The aforementioned “Tolo” is presented on an epic scale (interestingly, it felt like “Agus” was much longer): a 13 minute, deceptively serene journey through the mechanics of Myles’ mind.

Out: Vinyl & Digital February 26 2016

Published first in 5 Mag Issue #127, February 15 2016


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