Now he’s going to be unstoppable. U FIT is a new label out of Italy presided over by tireless deep house mechanic Nico Lahs. We’ve probably featured more of Nico’s records over the last few years than any other single artist. I have no idea who sends them. I just know they’re good.

U FIT’s first two releases are from Nico himself and considering his tremendous output of releases on vinyl before this I assume that’s not going to change. Possibilities is the second of the two, released in September, and it’s one of those super-versatile records you can pull out in the first ten minutes of a set, break it back out about 30 minutes in and still have something left on here to play at the afterhours. “So Good To Me” is the firestarter — the track that leads off or, better said, gets you from someone else’s last record to your first. It’s constructed around one of those riffs that seem to spiral down endlessly — it’s not quite hypnotic, it just makes people move in funny ways. B-side track “Possibilities” is another good transitional record — it’s all percussion, a drum lover’s delight, half DJ tool and half bassline monster that sucks all the oxygen out of the room and replaces it with laughing gas. “Remember the Time” is the deepest of deep tracks, heavy as fuck and perfect for early AM or to save for the afters. “Movin’ Your Mind” is a lovely piece of Detroit house — the kind of dizzy instrumentals that just radiate love and happy vibes without getting dopey.

Rack this one up as a contender for the best new label of the year, despite giving its peers a six month head start.

⚪️ Possibilities Tracklisting

Nico Lahs: Possibilities (U FIT / 12" Vinyl)
A1: So Good To Me
A2: Remember The Time
B1: Possibilities
B2: Movin' Your Mind

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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