Such a thrill to see this label at the center of attention and drawing more and more people to the new sounds of Chicago. Perpetual Rhythms has released fantastic material from Specter, Hakim Murphy, Chicago Skyway and some serious Chicago OGs like Brian Harden and DJ Quad (aka Donnie Tempo). I’ve struggled to find a way to articulate the common denominator here, but these are the records that your favorite DJ buys. All of these people are influential beyond recognition, with individual discographies that would break the back of some of the dope-addled clowns that Mixmag would have us believe are the kings of the scene. It’s a label that has a chip on its shoulder, they’re righteous in their work and that’s a good thing when the music can back it up.

It can, and does, and does again on co-owner Taelue’s Reflections LP. Six tracks here and if you needed to reconstruct the Chicago electronic music underground from scratch after the deluge, this record could provide the DNA to seed the world. “Twin Flame” is brilliant – Deep House in the Alleviated vein with tight percussion, moody synths and a firm hand on the controls and providing the right amount of restraint. “Rage Against Oppression” is the sound of Taelue‘s machines revolting against him or joining his revolt against the world. What sounds like a DJ tool turns into a most righteous stomp. “A Bleak Moment” tunes it down on the flipside and leads off three tracks more mental and probing and, as the label says, “reflective.”

Taelue: Reflections / Perpetual Rhythms
A1. Taelue: “The 4th Dimension”
A2. Taelue: “Twin Flame”
A3. Taelue: “Rage Against Oppression”
B1. Taelue: “A Bleak Moment”
B2. Taelue: “The Sunken Place”
B3. Taelue: “Reflections”



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