Scott Diaz: The Paradox of Principles

Scott Diaz is putting his music where his mouth is. Never shy on the topic of a House track’s disposability…. you may be tempted to accuse him of being part of the problem. You would be wrong. He is one of today’s most prolific producers and remixers, but he doesn’t really know how to make a bad record and that counts for something. Yet somehow it’s not even close to good enough for him. The push to do even better, to make records that stand the test of time is essentially the mission statement for his label Grand Plans. So far things are going according to said plans.

The Paradox of Principles is the third take-your-pick-of-the-litter, fabulous batch of jazz- and soul- infused Deep House. If you need a good early track that still turns a few heads, this is where you want to look. “Mistreated” in particular exemplifies Scott’s thoughtful nature through the music itself, whereas “I Sold My Soul” and “Take it Back” do it more through the use of vocal samples. The latter features another thoughtful producer, KE aka Kid Enigma, with a nice cooler vibe in comparison to his original take. Studioheist get the honor of being the first remixers featured on Grand Plans and their work here is exceptional.

Scott Diaz: The Paradox of Principles (Grand Plans)
1. Mistreated (06:25)
2. Take It Back ft. KE (06:24)
3. I Sold My Soul (06:12)
4. Mistreated (Studioheist Remix) (06:21)
5. Take It Back ft. KE (Instrumental) (06:24)


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