Aus Music’s catalog is breathtaking, and a lot of the great records in that catalog have originated in the mind of Tee Mango. Averaging an EP a year on the label from 2017 forward, Tee follows up on the “numbers” EPs (EPs #1, #2 and #3) with Last Dance, a record with an unexpectedly melodic sound and a glimmer like neon on polished chrome. The melody on the title track is piped in from an organ that gradually becomes brighter as the track unwinds. It’s a pretty amazing, not to mention clever, production effect, like a Tarkovsky film in which a monotone scene bursts forth with color.

I never thought I’d compare a Tee Mango record to Peter Gabriel, but Last Dance is draped in Gabriel’s aesthetic. No one has written better “breakdown” songs and several on here seem to qualify for that distinction. “Heartbeat” is so drenched in pathos that only the firm backbone of the vocal keeps the track from lilting. Even on the instrumental the drums are heavy, as if soaked in rain, tears or perspiration.

Tee Mango: Last Dance (Aus Music / 12″ Vinyl / Digital / November 2021)
1. Tee Mango: Last Dance (06:31)
2. Tee Mango: Heartbeat (Instrumental) (05:22)
3. Tee Mango: Heartbeat (05:20)
4. Tee Mango: Can We Find (06:06)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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