More of the New New from Terrence Parker on Local Talk

I heard you like pianos. You came to the right place, kid.

Terrence Parker’s new release marks the 75th release for Local Talk. This is the second recent record in which the Swedish label has scouted among the giants of the Midwest – Testify/Can’t U featuring Jamie 3:26 and Sameed had rave reviews from our house – and Parker does not disappoint.

Mr. Telephone Man brings up the big chords on “Gratiot Avenue Piano”, a reference perhaps to one of the historic neighborhoods or maybe pawn shops lanced by Gratiot Avenue, Michigan’s M-3 Highway. It’s similar to Terrence Parker’s “Heart Break” on Melodymathics, as noted in the comments about the record “premiered” by Delicieuse Musique, whose contribution toward this release seems to have consisted of spending thirty-five seconds googling terrence parker and copying a sentence from every third link in the search results. Welcome to modern blogging.

In all seriousness I’m 100% positive that I’ve written the same words about different records (possibly even from what you’re reading now) and there’s enough variation here that there’s nothing “off” that I can see about this. I actually like “Gratiot Avenue Piano” a bit more. If it’s not completely new it’s the new new, and absolutely no one on a dance floor is really going to stalk off because of the similarity. Or care.

“Unconditional” strikes a deeper, clubbier tone with a vibe you’ll have to wipe down off the walls afterward. Solid record for Local Talk, who one hopes continues pointing the bow of their good ship in this general direction.

Tracklisting: Terrence Parker Gratiot Avenue Piano/Unconditional

1. Gratiot Avenue Piano
2. Unconditional



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