Tycho featuring Beacon: See

The new version of "See," after debuting at Coachella, should be regarded as the definitive version of this beautiful track.

Some artists are constantly revisiting their work, and not just for commercial gain, as “products” rather than “art.” Carl Craig is notorious for playing new or retweaked versions of old songs that just seemed like they needed a facelift without ever releasing them commercially. It’s an interesting question of when music (or any art, but mostly music) is “finished,” or when it’s acceptable and how long an interval should pass before an artist takes something which has been released as a “product” and is beloved or cherished or even reviled but to the point owned by others and make it new.

“See” was originally released on Tycho’s 2014 album Awake, released with remixes by Beacon and then performed live at this year’s Coachella with Beacon’s Thomas Mullarney III on vocals. I’m suspicious of tracks that debut at festivals, but if you slice away the hype there’s a real story here, and an instrumental transformed into a delicious little pop song. Tycho’s music and Mullarney’s vocals wrap around each other, serpentine, diving down through waves of melody and then turning, pointed upward, back to the skies.

This is I think the definitive version of “See,” the one that people will refer to in future times; the original feels a bit empty now, almost a novelty.

Tycho featuring Beacon: See (Ghostly International)
1. Tycho featuring Beacon: See

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