18437 has something great on their hands here. The label (which launched with what would become some of the last records released by Soulphiction before his unexpected death in May of 2021) captures an earthy but elevating deep house sound on a new EP from UK DJ and producer Mark E. Still best known for his early edits and then his albums on Ghostly sublabel Spectral Sound, Mark E. makes beautiful music on this four tracker. The title track “Rain” sounds like rain, drops muffled as they tap on corrugated steel and vinyl siding and sometimes hitting a livewire in a steady and slightly unsettling electronic sizzle. This isn’t sound design from guys drowning in their turtlenecks and manicured beards; the swing and exaggerated sway is reminiscent of a Larry Heard record called up from 20 or 30 year old memories. Patrice Scott is on the remix of this and it is an inspired choice. It’s jazz played in a room of deep house heads — eyes closed, head down and feeling a little buzzed from the lights and the atmosphere.

“Deepsystems” and especially “In The City” feel like companion pieces, developed to match the mood of “Rain” — painted with the same limited palette of sounds, so to speak. 18437 calls this “excellent late night listening music” and that’s about right. It’s music for night crawlers.

Mark E: Rain (Patrice Scott Remix) (18437 Records / August 2021 / Digital)
1. Mark E: Rain (06:11)
2. Mark E: Deepsystems (05:24)
3. Mark E: Rain (Patrice Scott Remix) (06:09)
4. Mark E: In The City (06:44)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by MIL-MGMT.



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