I like it: imagine Cosmic Disco had skipped about 30 years and emerged fully formed in 2017 and you are halfway to understanding my read of “Little Blue,” the title track of Verdo’s four track EP on Hell Yeah Recordings.

For “Sazerac,” read “Italo” for “Disco” and run the same simulation: the edges on both are a little smoother than the tracks squeezed out of defective synths and drum machines nobody in Italy really understood how to program in 1982, but the spirit is there. “Little Fish” is a rude & rambunctious organ jam and that virtuoso solo on keys gets worked to death in Phillip Lauer’s remix.

One of those records that draws in so many influences and crosses so many genres that it threatens to slip through the cracks, I’ll settle on “Disco” because of the tempo of the title cut (even with a singing acid line), but it’s as inaccurate as “Deep House” would be. Records like this sometimes don’t get the love that they should, which would be sad – despite its stubborn refusal to fit in a neat little box, it’s a keeper for any collection.


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Verdo: Little Blue (Hell Yeah Recordings)
1. Verdo: Little Blue (05:40)
2. Verdo: Sazerac (05:11)
3. Verdo: Big Fish (06:29)
4. Verdo: Big Fish (Lauer Remix) (06:31)