Strip away some of the percussion out of the mix and New Horizons’ remix of Antonio’s “Hyperfunk” is pretty much a boompty or swing house anthem awaiting discovery. I hear a dozen tracks like this a month (though with significantly less energy) and it’s remarkable to unearth the very different, much darker original lurking on the B-Side of Antonio’s smash “You Got Me” from 1997. “Hyperfunk” was later dredged up by Locked On and released on its own in late 1998. This one was a massive hit for Antonio, better known as one part of Tru Faith (and released a couple of years before Tru Faith & Dub Conspiracy’s “Freak Like Me” would nearly break into the Top 10 of the UK singles chart). The Bumpy Club Dub of “You Got Me” still generates serious heat (though the stock gunshot sounds always sounded out of place).



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