In the list of classic Armando Gallop acid tracks, “Downfall” was the evil stepsister – not quite as sinister and chaotic as “151” but with more of a demonic gleam than “Land of Confusion”. Originally released in 1988, “Downfall” was packaged together with “100% of Disin’ U” and “Confusion” on the aptly named Warehouse Records Presents ‘The Classics’ in 1994. It was left off the Armando: Trax Classix collection (and considering the poor overall sound quality of that collection – surprised? – that was probably for the best).

And that brings us up to today. Angel Alanis poured something you might not quite expect into this collection of stomping acid tracks: soul. Considering how often the Chicago House pioneers were ripped off – and the tastelessness of doing it to someone who is no longer around to stand up for himself – Angel went about it the right way, and unlike some of the ethically ambiguous efforts of the past, you can pick this one out of the racks with confidence that you’re not continuing the cycle of unjust enrichment off a good man’s name – all proceeds go to his family rather than the marketers.

Three new remixes are presented, each of which has a distinctive quality all its own. The Advent’s Pay Your Respects Remix does a neat trick by fading the original acid line in over a contagion of shiny hats and fat drums.

Jason Fernandes’ remix takes a new spin on it, blowing up the original and emphasizing the classic warehouse percussion (no pun intended). This would be a pretty nice opening to a set, with a blend coming in after the manic break at 5:30. Hugo Paixao’s remix closes it out with the most adventurous mix, taking really just the 303 and a hint of those clackin’ hats.

[ – Review by Terry Matthew / April 2011 – ]