With his events Blender, SHFFT, and You Are Here on temporary hiatus due to the current global situation, Shmoo has steadfastly refused to rest on his laurels. Instead of meeting the moment with resignation and excuses like, “still trying to figure out my next move,” Shmoo has taken his act to Twitch, offering a Thursday night “party” where he alternates between his own stream and the so-called “Voltron-of-parties:” Oops, Too Soon? — where Chicago’s “Thursday night DJ crew” unites for an all night “raid party” stream. 

Given the unavailability of “live” club mixes during these trying times, Shmoo records his streams to offer a slice of the current state of the scene in Chicago. Not the typical “slow build” mix one would expect in a club setting, Shmoo comes out of the gate swinging— taking you on an uptempo journey ranging from the UK sound of the early ’90s all the way to present day Chicago.

His latest release is Free Shmoo from the fantastic label Love Notes which 5 Mag reviewed here.

Listen: #StayHomeDisco with Shmoo @ Oops, Too Soon (April 30 2020)

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