This is might be the disco jam of the year, and I’m not sure anything else can touch it.

The story of “Reachin'” is something out of an urban legend: Arthur Baker found some quarter-inch tape in storage. The music on it was – quite literally – “lost” since 1979. “Reachin'” was co-written by Tony Carbone and Larry Woo (who Baker is sure also “forgot about this song long ago”) with vocals by the late Minnie Gardner.

These two tracks (“Reachin'” and “Good Good Lovin'”) make up the double-sided Reachin’ EP, edited by Hifi Sean and Yam Who? of Midnight Riot. Sean was apparently “blown away” on the first play. So was I. We’re a little late for Easter but this is a miraculous resurrection:

“Reachin'” – the track – was released digitally a week ago; the vinyl featuring both “Reachin'” and “Good Good Lovin'” is out worldwide now:

Photo via Beatport


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Artist: Arthur Baker ft Minnie Gardner
Title: “Reachin'” (Hifi Sean & Yam Who? Edit)
Label: Midnight Riot/Riot Recordings
Release Date: Vinyl + Digital Out Now