Here’s a Chicago homage to maybe the only song in House Music history that’s become a full-on meme.

Frique joins an illustrious class that includes Lil Louis, Marshall Jefferson, Tyree Cooper, Mike Dunn and DJ Funk with his own rendition of the gritty, volcanic classic “Video Clash.” It’s an interesting story how there came to be 88 varieties of “Video Clash” – a dizzying array of remakes, soundtracks, bootlegs of remakes that outsold the remakes and an “original” long in dispute but from what I’ve heard legally settled – which I wrote about in my AudioDNA column from back in 2016.

“Clashed” is wonderfully chaotic, bursting with electronic squeals and thunderous crashes and eventually spiraling down into an apocalyptic 303 hurricane. It is just the flip of Frique’s new EP, appropriately titled Flipped, on his Lea imprint. The official release date is April 27 but it’s available now at Frique’s boutique. Listen to both sides of Flipped on his soundcloud page.

Artist: Frique
Title: Flipped
Label: Lea
Release Date: 27 April 2018