Audion: Gut Man Cometh (Remixes)

Matthew Herbert and FOLD remix Gut Man Cometh and Destroyer, top cuts from Matthew Dear's first Audion album in 10 years.

Matthew Dear only took ten years to release a follow up to Suckfish, the last Audion album. Gut Man Cometh features a pair of tracks from Alpha, the new Audion record that dropped in June, both reconfigured so as to be almost unrecognizable from Audion’s source material.

There’s a story that used to go around about David Lynch, the director, who supposedly used to freeze whole chickens solid, cut them apart and put them back together again like poultry-flavored jigsaw puzzles. That’s about the best metaphor coming to me for what Matthew Herbert does to “Gut Man Cometh.” More conventional but no less inventive is the facelift FOLD gives to “Destroyer,” the KISS-titled twitchy buzzsaw dropped as a teaser for Alpha back in May. FOLD hammers this thing into a deep and jacking monster. Twelve bucks is a bit much for two tracks on wax but it’s not hard to talk yourself into it.


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