This is the work of some bad motherfuckers right here.

Let’s get the introductions out of the way. Brawther doesn’t need one if you’ve been reading what I’ve been writing. Together with Jeremy UndergroundParis from My Love Is Underground, Brawther is one of two men in France right now that is metaphysically incapable of releasing a bad record.

Tristan da Cunha is the second name; he makes exquisite music as well. He was co-producer with Brawther on “The Fuck Off Track” – one of my best records of the year – and now the new label that takes its name from their production alias, “Dungeon Meat”.

And then there’s Jason Shaw, who someone is going to have to introduce to me. All I know about Shaw (and this is from connecting a lot of dots, and could be wrong) is that he released another very fine vinyl record like a week after this – Outre Manche on Rutilance – and that the confidence the previous two guys have placed in him was not misguided because this cat’s tracks have the kind of groove that makes people dance funny. He’s a master of some kind of low end theory: “Hold Back” and “Dark Chamber” have a bass so low you can feel it pulling you up and smashing you down simultaneously.

If you’re making, or buying, or playing generic deep house loops that some guy pieced together on his laptop like your grandmother puts together jigsaw puzzles, then the sixty second clip that predicates the internet buying culture is probably enough for you. Not here, though. You need the full six minutes to get high on this.


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