Chicago Skyway and Dcook: Lager EP

Sean Hernandez aka Chicago Skyway states, “I met Dave Cook back in the ’00s and Specter told me he had some pretty dope music. We ended up exchanging some music and I really dug his sound. So, we finally got a chance to get together and work on some music. We had no idea what to call the song and we happened to be drinking some Lager. So, it stuck!”

Well I am glad they made the musical connection as a classic Chicago sound is representing and articulated in this three track presentation from Chicago Skyway & Dcook. These are dreamy tunes that capture the essence of timeless Deep House. Side A begins with label head Aroy Dee’s edit of the Chicago Skyway track “Bad Driver”. It begins with a syncopated synth line to be followed by flowing long pads and classic Skyway drum patterns. The pads continue to be reborn and the drums continue to drive throughout the piece. The B side starts with the tune “Lager Nord” which begins with nice chords and flowing bass notes that double as a melody. The drums come in and then the track opens up with a flurry of chord stabs that really expresses deepness. Following up this is a slamming remix of “Lager” by Steven Tang aka Obsolete Music Technology that is quite different but just as deep as the original. Chords and rolling synths fade in, the bass line enters, and the melody begins as a quality reinterpretation passes through time. This record continues to prove that there is mad soul located in synthesis of waveforms as this release will definite stir your musical feelings. If you like machine soul, Lager EP is worth checking out.