Wild release to kick off Eddisco, a new label rooted in a vision of electronic Tunisia which shares its name with an appointment-only record store in Tunis. Hamdi RydEr‘s T.U.G.S. is a powerful cocktail of gritty hip hop beats, quick-hitting samples and radioactive house grooves, and the lust-for-life vocals of Tunisian rapper Amyne. When I wrote about 2020 belonging to these beat magicians fusing downtempo with a deep house groove, I should have looked further afield, across the ocean because this is exactly the kind of shit I was talking about. “T.U.G.S.” has a swagger on par with Massive Attack’s “Karmacoma” and all its derivatives — shot through with big adrenal energy. Orlando Voorn is a hell of a get for a new indie label. His party music remix smokes up the original with kaleidoscopic faded basement vibes.

Hamdi RydEr featuring Amyne: T.U.G.S. / Eddisco (June 22 2020)
1. Hamdi RydEr featuring Amyne: T.U.G.S. (Original Mix)
2. Hamdi RydEr featuring Amyne: T.U.G.S. (Dub Mix)
3. Hamdi RydEr featuring Amyne: T.U.G.S. (Orlando Voorn Remix)
4. Hamdi RydEr featuring Amyne: Oh God Oh God (Space Mix)



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