Heist Recordings V/A of previously released material is, no shit, the best album I heard this month. Dam Swindle are flipping through their own label’s back catalog for some “hidden gems” of the past 10 years; aside from featuring great tracks from good artists, the album-length compilation captures some of those folks who are now well-known in various stages of their early development.

Fouk’s “Truffles” leads off with a fuzzy-headed electro vibe — electro or proto-house, but made by house cats in bucket hats who can’t help but sneak in rolling piano chords and a pigeon-toed shuffle when they think the boss isn’t looking. The bassline on this is a heat-seeking missile that goes mad in every direction before hitting its target.

Felipe Gordon scores “Highly Corrosive Acid” which manages to make you both nod and shake, in order and then simultaneously. Demuir’s contribution is “Philippine Sunrise,” a slow boiling monster with a rumble in its gut.

Crackazat, Adesse Versions, Nachtbraker, Marina Trench and the Swindlers — the whole gang is here and they brought some of their overlooked but still A-list material.

⚪️ Hidden Gems Tracklisting

V/A: Hidden Gems (Heist Recordings / Digital)
1. Fouk - Truffles (06:07)
2. Felipe Gordon - Highly Corrosive Acid (05:29)
3. Dam Swindle - Sugar Sugar (06:21)
4. Lore of the Samurai - Space Designer (05:38)
5. Demuir - Philippine Sunrise (07:18)
6. Crackazat - We Know (05:27)
7. Adesse Versions - Push It Along (05:29)
8. M.ono - Delaware State Route (08:42)
9. Nachtbraker - Gurl (06:01)
10. Nebraska - The Blues (06:55)
11. Pitto - You Treat Me Like a Fool (06:42)
12. Perdu - Sacramento (05:58)
13. Marina Trench feat. Sabrina Bellaouel - Wake Up (04:58)
14. Makèz - Feel the Same (06:13)
15. Orlando Voorn - Tenderness (05:37)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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