I can’t be sure how Flora FM makes music and how much of it is sample-based and how much is made in or out of the box. But I find myself constantly referencing other records when listening to Flora FM’s records – mostly, records from the 1990s, records from widely divergent sounds and artists.

In “Hallucinogenic Worm” (side note: Flora FM also has the dopest track titles), I hear echoes of Speedy J circa 1993 on Plus 8. “Chrome Glass” is Joey Beltram on a wobbly tone arm. “Storm Cleaned” could have been put together from a crate of breakbeat records that were en vogue on the West Coast of the US around the time Pulp Fiction hit video. “Insist On You” is the only one I have trouble putting into this perspective – a honed, laser-guided drill that somehow brings the glassy, icy vox of the Yamaha DX7 into the world of hard techno.

I’m not implying these records are copies or knock-offs. If that’s what you’re after, plenty of people make that kind of thing and you’ll be happy buying those. You can’t listen to Flora FM for more than 20 seconds before realizing that something is totally different, these elements have been collected together and made into something new. Flora FM soaks up three decades of electronic music and makes brilliant ornaments from what’s left in the filter.

Flora FM: Chaos Light EP / Kalahari Oyster Cult
A1. Flora FM: “Hallucinogenic Worm” (7:08)
A2. Flora FM: “Chrome Grass” (7:55)
B1. Flora FM: “Storm Cleaned” (6:45)
B2. Flora FM: “Insist On You” (8:05)



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