Full Intention Remixes Andrea Marchesini’s The Joke

Doin' the damn work: legendary duo Full Intention remix Andrea Marchesini's The Joke on venerable Italian label Oceantrax.

A lot of people think being “old school” has something to do with age. With the relentless march of technology, I think it has more to do with skill, most importantly skills that can be applied across the spectrum of music. An old school DJ can roll out of bed and make a one hour mix without needing time to gameplan or more time later to mask up the mistakes. Some of my favorite DJs play capably and some insist a little better when they’re a little bit high, and it’s not because of innate superhuman abilities but taste, feel and the experience of having faced every conceivable calamity that there are few surprises left.

I imagine that Full Intention are the same way about remixing. After 27 years and probably a couple thousand remixes, I also imagine few can call upon the same old school skills they have at their command.

You can hear them at work on Andrea Marchesini’s “The Joke,” a new release from venerable label Oceantrax. They take the original’s dubby vibe and whipsaw vocal sample and hit them with the jumper cables. The bassline is absolutely wicked, a tidal wave of low end energy rising up like a bubble from the underworld. That’s it as far as remixes go, and probably well enough as I don’t think you could do any better.

Andrea Marchesini: The Joke (Full Intention Remix) Oceantrax Records
1. Andrea Marchesini: The Joke (Original Mix)
2. Andrea Marchesini: The Joke (Full Intention Remix)



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