Garrett David Releases The Hodge Podge EP

Every track on the Residual Recordings-released EP delivers.

It seems silly to say that a DJ making a record with other DJs in mind, is a beautiful thing. Isn’t that always the point? Well no, it obviously depends on the producer, but hot damn records like this never get old!

“Wassup” was my first choice and the first time I played it I was at home just practicing, a good hour into my groove, and when I was coming out of the mix my DJ intuition kicked in. The timing, the phrasing, the vibe are all set correctly so I don’t have to be familiar with a brand new track to know instinctively that this spot here is perfect for a breakdown. And then boom, there it is. Beautiful.

“Rhythm Box” is pure Chicago acid jack action. The name delivers. “FRXS Melody” is a fun tool to add bleeps and bloops to whatever your heart desires. And also, “Don’t Fuck With Schmoo.” Really. No not really. Every track on the Hodge Podge EP delivers.

Garrett David: Hodge Podge EP (Residual Recordings)
A1. “Rhythm Box”
A2. “FRXS Medley”
B1. “Don’t Fuck” (with Shmoo)
B2. “Wassup”


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