Laurence Guy has a relationship with Shall Not Fade of the sort you rarely see anymore — of a label as interested in the development of an artist as it is in its own success. This is the third Laurence Guy EP for Shall Not Fade, following up on The Sun Is Warm and Directly Above You and Your Good Times Will Come with Mutual Excitement Is a Wonderful Thing. Yes, they read like demented Hallmark cards sent by people who dwell in loveless marriages, which provides a sardonic counterpoint to the emotional, oftentimes ecstatic deep house that you’ll find inside.

“Love Theme For the Morning After” is somewhere between 4am anthem and the music that swells at the climax of a dramatic scene of a made-for-Netflix drama. There is a very serious brooding to many of Laurence Guy’s tracks — one imagines heads in hands and elbows on windowsills — but they always pull through on something of a positive, even hopeful note. And wrapped up in the nostalgic tones is a guy with serious production chops: the twinkling on “Certain (To A Certain Extent)” sounds like it’s coming from the collisions of glass stars just above your head and just out of reach.

Laurence Guy: Mutual Excitement Is A Wonderful Thing (Shall Not Fade / April 2021 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
1. Laurence Guy: Love Theme For The Morning After (06:13)
2. Laurence Guy: Mutual Excitement is a Wonderful Thing (04:53)
3. Laurence Guy: Certain (To a Certain Extent) (04:05)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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