Lovebirds ft. MINAKO: Delusions EP

Lovebirds' Sebastian Doering has a long-awaited collaboration with MINAKO and it's finally crawling toward a public release.

Sebastian Doering (aka Lovebirds) has something new in his workshop and has invited you in for a sneak preview. I first read about this project back in the Fall and his (first?) collaboration with MINAKO appears to be finally crawling toward public release.

MINAKO’s vocal unwinds like a hypnotic spiral on “Delusions.” As for the song: what can I say? The guy can write a hook, man, and MINAKO’s rigid delivery makes it pop. Remixes come from Larse (something for the rooftops and poolsides, possibly), Tender Games (music for the montage scene of a 1986 movie about the nightlife in Los Angeles) and Lovebirds himself (a disconnected, minimalistic pop portrait like a Roy Lichtenstein print). Duererstuben mixed a separate track entirely, which hopefully points toward many more collaborations between these two.


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