I don’t follow it closely enough to go off the deep end trendspotting, but it sure seems like the more melodic elements of UK Garage and 2step are making a comeback (or a return to form) across all related genres.

“Passing Time” is the new project from Foreign Beggars’ DJ Nonames, who draws a little spice from everything – chill hip hop in the manner of MF Doom, Grime, you name it.

“Passing Time” features a bold and shimmeringly beautiful vocal from Alexa Harley and a pair of absolutely sublime remixes from Zed Bias. Zed strips down Nonames’ production down to the floorboards: it’s all dense bass and crystal-clear beats hunting Harley’s voice through a maze, flinching at the vibrating echoes, picking up the trail again. It’s hypnotic to the point of inducing synesthesia.

Nonames ft. Alexa Harley: Passing Time (Tru Thoughts)
1. Nonames: Passing Time feat. Alexa Harley (04:19)
2. Nonames: Passing Time feat. Alexa Harley (Zed Bias Remix) (05:46)
3. Nonames: Passing Time feat. Alexa Harley (Zed Bias Dub Mix) (05:42)
4. Nonames: Passing Time feat. Alexa Harley (Instrumental) (04:19)
5. Nonames: Passing Time feat. Alexa Harley (A Cappella) (03:32)

Info: “‘Passing Time feat. Alexa Harley’ is the new single from Foreign Beggars’ Nonames aka James Miller and singer, songwriter and producer Alexa Harley. The pair come together in a track merging the worlds of old school UK Garage with elements of the new-wave of UK jazz that has already received upfront support from Phil Taggart (BBC Radio 1), Toddla T (BBC Radio 1) and Tony Minvielle (Jazz FM), with the single package also featuring a Zed Bias Remix and Zed Bias Dub Mix which sees the legendary DJ and producer put his own spin on the release.”



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