Norm Talley Cosmic Waves album artwork

We always knew something different was going on in Detroit but this track right here is one that showed it to the rest of the world. Detroit DJs are just so fucking good, and records from Mike Huckaby, Rick Wade, Norm Talley, Delano Smith, Theo Parrish and of course Moodymann were absolutely crucial in reviving a deep house scene that felt worn out by cliché and an abundance of flutes and bongos by the late ’00s. Cosmic Waves was one of them, a record that hypnotized dancefloors with a smooth groove electrified with kinetic energy. The remixes by Delano Smith and XDB (there’s a name I haven’t seen in awhile) are equally divine, the latter in particular bringing an Afro Tech vibe that was nearly a decade ahead of its time.

This is part of the remarkable Sushitech reissues that are streaming into the shops right now, including several that have been out of print for years and now records extending to Sushitech sublabel Pariter. We’ve covered several of them, and referenced a few more. Truth is there has rarely been a series of “anniversary editions” that felt more essential than these back catalog cuts from Sushitech.

Norm Talley: Cosmic Waves EP (Pariter / November 2020 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Norm Talley: “Cosmic Waves”
B1. Norm Talley: “Cosmic Waves” (Delano Smith remix)
B2. Norm Talley: “Cosmic Waves” (XDB remix)



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