Not a single NDATL record should pass through a magazine’s production cycle without notice. Kai Alcé’s imprint consistently hits the sweet spot with a wild array of soulful sounds unearthed at an enviable pace and uncanny quality.

Roberta’s Reaching Out is one of the most essential. Released in late September, I’m astonished to see there are still copies circulating at the catalog price. The title track is submerged in soul — one of those beautiful pro tracks that dancers love and DJs fiend over. Roberta, who has released two terrific records on James Duncan’s Innermoods label, has a supernatural touch with sample cuts — these tracks are energetic and cool, they stride and never get sloppy. “The Get Down” is a tasteful amalgamation of jazz, funk and disco loops wrestling to grab the mic between them.

There are two other versions of “Reaching Out” here and the second features a raw bottom drum spank that is just as irresistible as that sounds. There are six tracks total here. They all bang.

Roberta: Reaching Out EP (NDATL / 12″ Vinyl / September 2020)
1. Roberta: Reaching Out
2. Roberta: The Get Down
3. Roberta: Reaching Out 2
4. Roberta: Dat Thang
5. Roberta: Gotta Have Love
6. Roberta: Reaching Out 2 Dub


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